Adventure Mode Launch Plans and patch 50.12

Hi Urists,

We are less than a month away from April, which means Adventure Mode launch is just around the corner. Time flies when you’re developing FUN! We wanted to share our launch plans with you as they will be a little different from what we did with Fortress Mode. The beta for Adventure Mode will open on April 17th (Tarn’s birthday!)

Anyone who owns Dwarf Fortress on Steam will be able to access the beta. Adventure Mode will fully launch a few weeks later on the main branch. We will be announcing the official release date as soon as we can.

We hope that this will give the proper time to iron out major bugs, while giving you a chance to play right away.

Patch 50.12

After a few extra weeks of beta testing, patch 50.12 is finally live! Thank you to everyone who tested the update and sent in bug reports, it was very helpful. This patch brings many improvements to sorting and searching in the menus as well as a ton of bug fixes and additional keyboard support. Llamas have also (finally) achieved the status of pack animal. Here are the full patch notes:

New stuff

- Ability to sort the lists from the creature/task menus
- Kitchen interface sorting and searching
- Work detail sorting and searching
- Can edit and restore default work details
- Saves can be sorted by world and folder on the title screen
- Keyboard support for many unit lists
- Ability to designate burrows over multiple Z levels

Major bug fixes

- Additional statue graphics
- Fixed some classic building interface lights

Other bug fixes/tweaks

- Squad assignment now lists already-assigned units last
- Fixed error in calculation of bridge support
- Fixed issue in how environment-appropriate work animals are selected for visiting fortress
- Fixed missing autopause tooltip
- Additional miscellanous optimizations
- Fixed minor issue with forest variant display
- Fixed clipping issue on unit sheets
- Fixed minor issue with cage contents display
- Fixed pet list display on unit sheet rarely skipping a pet
- Llamas are pack animals now

There will be lots more Adventure Mode news coming in the coming weeks, including a part 2 of the combat video from last time.

-Alexandra + Bay 12


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