Secret Weapons is out NOW!

Attention Sword Smoochers!

We are happy to announce that the Boyfriend Dungeon Secret Weapons update is officially out NOW! To those returning to Verona Beach or visiting for the first time: Welcome! Axe, Hammer, Whip and the new Verona College dunj and more await you.

This is a free update and no additional purchase is required to play if you already own Boyfriend Dungeon. You will be able to play the update from your existing save files, but if you wanted to start fresh that's okay too.

Here is the full changelog:


  • Midway through the nightclub dungeon (“La Rosa”), you will receive a text message. Responding to this message can lead you to new characters, weapons, a dungeon, dates, recipes, and more.
  • To experience this content in an old save file, visit any dungeon or date, and then return to the apartment. You should receive the text message above, from someone named ‘S’.
  • While exploring Verona Beach (the map “hub” screen), you may find 15 new “encounters” between weapons you’ve befriended.
  • After receiving a birthday gift from a weapon, you will now see the gift appear in your apartment.
  • Seven new achievements related to the new content have been added.


  • When you die in the dungeon, your weapon will now comment, including voice acting.
  • When you start a dungeon run, your weapon’s comment voice acting audio will now follow you, as intended.
  • All of Isaac/Estoc’s comments when starting a new dungeon run now have voice acting.
  • Various typos and mistakes were fixed in the date text.


  • To account for the new content, the latter half of the nightclub dungeon (“La Rosa”) may have changed slightly.
  • The game’s credits now include any new staff members and/or updated titles.
  • Old “collect them all” achievement requirements have been updated to reflect the new content.

If you have any questions related to your Kickstarter pledge, please shoot us a DM right here on Kickstarter and we will help you out! Want to talk about the update with other wielders? Join our community of sword-smoochers on our socials:




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