Sunken Sins free DLC now available!

Hey suffering fans! 

I know I don't keep a regular devlog over here on itch, but we do love itch and try to keep it up to date with any other platforms. So the last few months, Jongwoo has been working on trying to add more strategy to the game, and he invented a new "contagion" mechanic that, after a certain point, makes villagers' randomly assigned virtues less useful, and spreads unless you quarantine and purify them. (But be careful dunking people randomly, since unless you know what their contagion is, it's possible to actually kill them in this process...)

Plus the artist Erica (also called @aurahack ) added tons of little flair and animations everywhere, so the whole thing feels a lot more alive. 

In terms of checkboxes, Sunken Sins adds:

  • A more strategic inquiry system and longer campaign
  • New purification tower game mechanic
  • 2 new color variants (The Shallows and The Deeps)
  • Additional events, personality traits, art, animation, and ending
  • ....Contagions...?

Anyway, I hope a few of you check it out. Thanks for playing!


The Shrouded Isle: Sunken 387 MB
Dec 07, 2017
The Shrouded Isle: Sunken Sins 402 MB
Dec 07, 2017

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