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Whose blood will feed the old gods?

Now including the Sunken Sins free DLC!

The Shrouded Isle is a human sacrifice cult simulator in which you play as the high priest of a secluded island village, preparing for the awakening of a dark god by purging sinners in your community.

Each member of the village is randomly generated with hidden traits-some virtuous, others heretical. As high priest, you must uncover and kill the heretics, while carefully maintaining the loyalty of their powerful aristocratic families.


  • Villagers with secret, randomly assigned virtues & vices
  • Carefully choose advisors, one of whom shall be sacrificed
  • Rename villagers as you wish
  • 6 alternate color schemes available
  • Find all 7 cinematic endings

Closely examine your citizenry to find the best strategy for your people and your beliefs. Families may not like it if you choose their favorite children to sacrifice on the altar.

Ignorance, Penitence, Obedience, Discipline, and Fervor. These are your virtues, and your downfall.

Bring your confessions.

What is Sunken Sins?

It is a mistake to assume danger only lies within your island - beware the seas that surround you. A mysterious spiritual contagion has washed upon the shores of your village and contaminated your citizenry. Lock the infected away in the purification tower and allow the holy salt water to wash away their sins, but know such treatment can have ill effects on the healthy…

The free Sunken Sins expansion spawns several major improvements to the game: 

  • A more strategic inquiry system and longer campaign
  • New purification tower game mechanic
  • Additional events, personality traits, art, animation, and ending
  • ....Contagions...?

When our Lord awakens, will He find you worthy?


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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