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Having an odd issue. Whenever I launch the game my screen flickers, and then the game screen freezes. I can still interact with things but obviously I can't see the menus. I'm trying to launch it in windowed, but of course I can't find the option to do so.


really cool game, wish it was longer


The  Mac version says it can't be opened, please fix it soon.

Right click on it then click open, it should open normally the next time you play it.

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Thanx! But unfortunately it doesn't work for me either. I did the "right click", and tried to open it, but the same message appeared. :/

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Try this, it’s a guide to solving these types of problems.

This isn't working for me sadly

Same for me, unfortunately. If you re-export it should work?

Hmm, I use the app for pretty much every itch game in order to make them run, it's the only solution that has worked really well for me so far! 


The demo didn't run so well on my computer but the completed version runs nearly perfect with only the occasional stuttering during dialogue.  Visually stunning and mechanically better than many other Murder Mystery games I've played; it helps that you can jump through the dialogue and, by tapping names, a quicker means of hopping between interrogations.

The plot was engaging even though I correctly predicted who were possessed 3 out of 4 times (the Graveyard being the odd man out).  Also the spoken lines were solid and each character distinct and charming/not, kudos to the voice actors!  The only catch is that it feels as though there needs to be a sequel or a second act to the game.  I've felt the same way about SINLESS, but both that and this are fine games and captivating stories as they stand.

In any case thank you so much for the lovely experience.


A fun game, but disappointingly short. The first case was a nice tutorial, and the second case was a lot of fun -- but then the third was shorter than the second, and all that was left after that was a short epilogue with some backstory.

I had a good time with the game, but I'm not sure I would recommend it (especially at this price). I was hoping for the cases to go more in-depth with the events -- only the second actually ended up being satisfying. For only 2-3 hours, only about a third to a half of which had satisfying mystery-solving... well, judge for yourself if you can afford to spend the $20 on it.

(Plus, a few times the silhouettes in one character's recollection would spoil a different character walking by, who hadn't been mentioned -- this, as well as some of the motives really only applying to one person, made some parts of the cases feel like a foregone conclusion.)



  • Strong visual style / design, cool effects and transitions
  • Nice color palette use
  • The witness timelines feature is really cool - it's what grabbed me initially


  • Inconsistent voiceover pronunciations - daemon is variously "daymon" or "deemon" depending on the character, some character names are also handled inconsistently
  • Text doesn't always match up to voiceover
  • Out of 3 cases, 1 is heavily a tutorial and 3 feels like a foregone conclusion from the start - 2 is the only one that felt like I was investigating, and not trying to figure out how to talk the game around to admitting what I'd figured out already
  • Personal preference but the setting kinda fell flat for me: I think it might be that it's really irrelevant to most of what actually happens in
    the game. All you actually get in-game is "cyber-theocracy dystopia with questionable ethics", depicted shallowly: there's not really any hint of what the characters' cybernetic enhancements are or how they work. Why is it a theocracy? Because it is, I guess. Most of the setting info in-game is revealed in an expository finale monologue. The big "not all is as it seems!" reveal falls completely flat because of course not all is as it seems, and we've barely had any insight into what the characters believe the world to be.

[wavy sideways hand gesture]s

  • Took about 2 hours to complete
  • Most of the "About" section of the game's description does not come up in-game- with the exception of some aspects which only come up in the finale.
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I agree with most of your point, but personally I felt quite the opposite about the cases. Case 1 did feel like a tutorial, and had some questionable FTUE design, but I didn't feel like I was trying to get the game to say what I already figured out. Case 2, however, I knew exactly who was the culprit after watching the second witness testimony. I had a hard time trying to get the game cooperating with me to get the culprit out. Case 3 was perfect in my mind. Wasn't too long, and neither was it too short, and I figured out the fact as they were revealed.

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