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Everyone is a suspect. Unmask their lies. Choose one to purge.

Lucifer Within Us asks you to solve short, player-directed, story rich mysteries with your wits, making observations and deductions in a world of daemonic possession and invasive soul-scanning technology. 

From the creator of The Shrouded Isle.

  • Investigate timelines. Question your suspects. Watch their movements and testimonies closely, as the reconstruction may be based on lies. Use contradictions and clues to form your own hypothesis. Who is lying and why? Who is possessed? You must decide what is the truth for yourself, based on the evidence presented.

  • Real mystery-solving. No hidden plot twists, no QTEs, no random puzzles or mini-games, just you and the information. Don鈥檛 just act like a detective -- BE a detective in 3 murder cases. Finding the murderer will require true understanding of the case, not just following the story.

  • Banish daemonic A.I. Enter the minds of citizens to gain insight into what they don鈥檛 want you to know. Dig through their subconscious and accuse the guilty in order to cast out their daemons, for the good of the Inquisition. Any damage done to a citizen鈥檚 psyche as a result of quarantine, exorcism, or rehabilitation is a consequence of their own immorality.

  • Expose the False Utopia. Through centuries of indoctrination, humanity is taught to think pure thoughts and speak true words, untainted by falsehoods and delusions. Yet beneath this facade of purity, you find dark desires stir deep within people鈥檚 hearts, yearning for release.

As a digital exorcist working for the Church of Ain Soph鈥檚 Inquisition, it is your duty to find sinners and ensure continued harmony. Digital daemons corrupt the network cause human hosts to act on secret desires and sins, even unto murder. Discover the One Truth to determine which citizens are infected and exorcise the possessed. 

Built on the rubble of the Old World, the last human city has become a utopia of progress, digitization, and art. The Church guides citizens towards advancement and Truth with the aid of a digital consciousness network.

Use all of the tools at your disposal to find the truth, wherever it may hide… and beware the lies you tell yourself.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(156 total ratings)
AuthorKitfox Games
GenreSimulation, Puzzle
Tags3D, Detective, Dystopian, Mystery, Story Rich
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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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I really enjoied it! i hope for a sequel!

Amazing game. I keep coming back every few months hoping for a sequel or more games like this from Kitfox. I would love a longer game!

Loved the gameplay - like a complicated and beautifully art directed logic puzzle. Finished it quickly one evening, would love to play a sequel!

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Found this game while scrolling through a 100 game bundle I bought last year. This game is AMAZING. It's short, so you may want to buy it in a bundle/on sale, but it's a must play. The gameplay is creative, the art is beautiful, and it's such a fun game.

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It is a really great game. I got it in a Bundle and I do not regret spending a few hours playing it.
It is maybe a bit short for $20 but on sales or in a bundle, it's perfect!

I would love to find this game machanic in another game! I loved the timeline mechanic!


Got it in the bundle and just finished it, took aprox 4 hours (three missions). I play alot of murder mystery & point and click style games and this one has some really interesting ideas i would like to see more of. I can easily see the detective part of the game tweeked and used again with another narrative.  
Personally found the tutorial part of first mission too controlling and overly-complicated, i understood more when it just allowed me to play. And got a lil stuck near the end when i wasn't sure what it wanted me to do to get the answer i had already worked out...
Over all it was fun and i would recommend it.


This is a really good game. I enjoyed it so much. Well worth the money. The visuals and voice acting were incredible.


Flawless! Just a bit too short.


I really enjoyed this game. Others have commented on the length and I too wished it was a little longer; I felt I had just gotten into the groove of each little mechanic. The ability to inquire about specific portions of a story or each character's knowledge of a piece of physical evidence is very nice. With lots of options at the user's fingertips, it's satisfying when your own curiosity is reflected in the ability to formulate a "question" that pushes the narrative forward. I never felt like I was simply choosing from a predetermined list of options. 

I will say that I wish the glimpses (shadows) of characters were less obvious when recounting the memories. If the suspect can't recall what a person looked like, or didn't see them at all, I shouldn't be able to clearly make out their outline either. Also, the only functional bug I saw was the timeline slider acting funny on my ultra-wide monitor, but it could be worked around quite easily.

Regardless of those little things, I think the core here is very strong. With a well written narrative, these mechanics could be expanded nicely to a range of settings. While I liked the daemons storyline, this gameplay would be enjoyable in a huge range of circumstances; from school-yard sleuthing to neighbourhood detective to a deeply intertwined whodunnit.

I hope to see another iteration!


amazing game!! i loved the way the investigations played out and the plot. i only wish it could have been longer, but i feel like the length of the game was well suited for the story it wanted to tell. excited for a potential sequel / game with similar mechanics in the future :)

What an amazing game! It made so much fun to play, and the visuals as well as the voice acting were simply amazing. Like some others already said, it would have been great, if the game were a little longer, especially to give it more time with the worldbuilding. All in all it's a really enjoyable game and I'll definitely recommend it. Also, the ending kind of made me hopeful, that there could be a sequel. :3


Would love to see a sequel game. This was the first game in this genre that I have played and you have me hooked


So well done, but so short. The ending feels like it needs a much longer game with more world building before we get there.

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This game was very fun, its pretty cool you use can use other people's testimony to point out contradictions as well as evidence, most detective games seem to only focus on evidence.

The art and voice acting is really good, and there are no walls of text, so it was consistently engaging.  

I took about 3 hours to complete it


good game! the 3d models would sometime act awkward and the audio clips would occasionally get cut off. and often times the audio and cc didnt match- but did all that really matter? not really because i havent seen a game like this before. i usually hate VN but this was interactive enough to keep me immersed!! do hope to see more stories from this world

Comprei na Steam e devo dizer que 茅 um jogo sensacional!!!! E que plot twist no final!!!

This was wonderful. This was the perfect medium between a detailed detective game and a visual novel, the level of interaction kept me engaged following the story but also wasn't enough to distract from the story. The universe, visuals, and voice acting were beautiful, I will likely play it many more times.


Really enjoyed this game!! Like nothing I've ever played before. Well done!

A very interesting game, but something a little frustrating is that if you go to Gideon first and take his testimony, the game sort of traps you if you haven't gotten some other evidence first - you can't exit his dialogue but Ada keeps telling you to examine the Miriam's arrival bit even if you don't have anything to accuse or contradict him with.

cannot open this game on macos


I had the same issues, but it works correctly if you install and run it from the itch app


Ohhhh ok thnks


Holy mackerel, what a game. I love the aesthetics, the voice acting, the gameplay, carefully listening to slightly different stories and comparing them, working out discrepancies. This is really really well done - and my favourite part is, there's no time pressure, and in the end you can't completely mess it up, giving you the freedom to experiment and try out theories.

Really well done, would definitely recommend.


A gem of a game! Beautiful art, great voice acting, and such an interesting world/lore! Gameplay was fun and fluid (only drag I really had was solving the last case,  contradictions were a little tricky in that one).

 I would love to fund a remake of this game with additional cases or a sequel, or both! Hope to see more of this! 


Amazing game. Took me until the end of the graveyard to realize that you can use items to contradict so I was stuck way longer  than i needed to lol.


Loved this game!
Enjoyed the timeline/interrogation mechanics a lot, and also the unusual setting. Wish there was a sequel <3

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Great game, 7/10,  great graphics and good artstyle. I enjoy the design and how what we saw actually felt like its own world, thanks to the design of it. The gameplay and mechanics are INSANELY good, I had almost no issues with any of the mechanics, but I'll get to that. Characters were consistent and the idea behind the world was good and promising.

My small complaint about the mechanics: I wish that there was a way to contradict a statement with what another suspect has said about said statement. Like in case 3, I had no idea for a good 10 minutes how to contradict someone being at one place, when my only evidence was what someone else had said that they were not, in fact, at that place at that point in time. Maybe a submenu of testimonies suspects have given when asked about stuff that can be used as question material? That could also be introduced in a case later than the first one, so that the tutorial case doesn't get too heavy and overwhelming, leading to my second issue:

The length. I know this isn't a huge game studio, but for a price of 20$ outside of bundles I'd expect more than 2-3h of gameplay with 3 cases (only one of them being genuinely enjoyable) and a small worldbuilding montage that leaves much to be desired.

I think that the only thing that is missing from this game for it to be really good is more length. 

With more cases like the second one, that left you to your own devices and not trying to figure out the game inmidst a tutorial section or working towards a close end

-- SPOILER FOR CASE 3 !!! --

As the player you have about 1 case to actually get familiar with Vergil, so his "betrayal" doesn't nearly hit as hard as it was intended to. This could just be fixed with more cases and MAYBE having parts where you discuss stuff with Vergil to get his insight, maybe even talking to him outside of cases to establish a connection. I did like how he gave you little hints in the first two cases to help you out just enough when stuck, without it being too obvious. As of right now, he's... there. And it makes sense for Ada to trust him and have a connection with him, but as the player we are supposed to be Ada and feel connected to her feelings, which we just don't, when we barely have any connection to Vergil.


Case 3 is also good in itself, but doesn't feel like the finale it's clearly meant to be, because we had about 10 minutes of the game actually establish what we're even working for, so we have no excitement to finish this. While working towards the end, there's no want to get to the bottom of this, opposite actually, there's a want to work more in this world, to not have it end just yet when we've found our place.

Almost all of the info about the setting is given to us in the epilogue or our conversation with the final daemon, which I kind of find is wasted potential. We have no idea how the world works, only telling us after the entire game isn't going to have a player be more interested, it is actually kind of boring. I have no idea what I'm working towards or what I'm even working for, I only know I'm some religious woman working as an exorcist who despises the demons she's fighting against. What are the reasons we as the player are supposed to adapt those reasons? We have a faint understanding of Ada after the information given in the epilogue, but that's clearly not enough.

Said thing about not connecting with the world is my biggest complaint (which could've been fixed with more cases and playtime), which I've also seen mentioned in other comments. 

If this game had a crowdfunding resource, I'd happily donate and encourage others to do the same to have those length complaints fixed. This game could easily be a 9/10, hell, even a 10/10 for me, and all of my complaints are on a high level. This game is already good, but this is how, in my opinion, it could be even better. If others disagree, which they are of course allowed to, I'd love to hear your reasoning on it!

This game is awesome. Short but Sweet with a capital S.


How did I never hear of this game until the Ukraine bundle? It's a perfect example of a great idea executed well. It reminded me of my days video editing, watching different timelines tick by and looking at how they sync up. The mysteries are logical and don't require Holmesian lateral reasoning, which I appreciate, and the whole Ain Soph aesthetic is great. All in all one of the sleeper hits of the bundle.


Wow, exactly what I was looking for. The handling seemed complicated at first, but it was really easy to use once I understood everything. I love how "plain" and logical the game is while still creating this new strange world with its religion in the background. Big thumbs up!


beautiful art style, interesting story, time flies by while playing this game :) i played with a friend and we really enjoyed it ^^


So cool! I loved this game to death, I would love to see more with this style of gameplay- it was so engaging.


The overall best game I've played in this genre. It has such a unique story line and is more than worth the few hours it takes to complete, really makes your mind think. Will definitely add to the games that I will play numerous times over. Such an amazing creation. 


Fantastic game, plot was enthralling.

 It took 2-3 hours to play


Would happily crowdfund to expand this with more cases!


totally agreed, played during downtime throughout the day and thoroughly enjoyed

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This game is a decent click adventure style game but it's much more in depth with it's concepts. You must read the conversations and try to figure out who is lying based on the information you receive. You can pick up clues to help with your investigations and then you must try to solve mysteries. The game has a fun style to it. 


Cool game, love the concept, but in the 2nd story, I can see the killer's shadow  running away in someone else's FOV. Unfortunate it isn't longer, but a nice little story nonetheless


Mac version doesn't run, please help.


Extract the .zip with The Unarchiver instead of the built in one, looks like a problem with a few of the mac zips downloaded from Itch

If you use the itch app to download and run, it should work

Having an odd issue. Whenever I launch the game my screen flickers, and then the game screen freezes. I can still interact with things but obviously I can't see the menus. I'm trying to launch it in windowed, but of course I can't find the option to do so.


really cool game, wish it was longer


The  Mac version says it can't be opened, please fix it soon.

Right click on it then click open, it should open normally the next time you play it.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thanx! But unfortunately it doesn't work for me either. I did the "right click", and tried to open it, but the same message appeared. :/

(1 edit) (+1)

Try this, it鈥檚 a guide to solving these types of problems.


This isn't working for me sadly

Same for me, unfortunately. If you re-export it should work?

Hmm, I use the itch.io app for pretty much every itch game in order to make them run, it's the only solution that has worked really well for me so far! 


The demo didn't run so well on my computer but the completed version runs nearly perfect with only the occasional stuttering during dialogue.  Visually stunning and mechanically better than many other Murder Mystery games I've played; it helps that you can jump through the dialogue and, by tapping names, a quicker means of hopping between interrogations.

The plot was engaging even though I correctly predicted who were possessed 3 out of 4 times (the Graveyard being the odd man out).  Also the spoken lines were solid and each character distinct and charming/not, kudos to the voice actors!  The only catch is that it feels as though there needs to be a sequel or a second act to the game.  I've felt the same way about SINLESS, but both that and this are fine games and captivating stories as they stand.

In any case thank you so much for the lovely experience.

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