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That was quite an experience, As king Edgelord (with my beautiful wife Edgelass) I went around reforming churches and ordaining horses and I got a choir too, great stuff! My rival Doofus didn't like the summit though...


My Steam acc is limited so I can't ask on the community page there... how to acquire beggar's clothes? So peasants can finally gossip with me.


Does anyone know of a guide for the treasure chests? I'm missing one and I've already found the hard to spot ones I've seen mentioned elsewhere. I've been over everything twice and it's really irking me that I can't find the last on



Any possibility for Linux port?

I've done pretty well with downloading the Windows version, and running wine on the Fit For A King exe.  I'm running on Xubuntu, but it should at least work on any Ubuntu (possibly any type of Debian but don't quote me on that).


Yeah, I thought that, but I'm not sure I want the hassle. I don't even have Wine installed and I would prefer to avoid it.

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I actually thought this was a NEW Ultima. Im so shocked, it brings me back to the old Ultima II and III days. Work very well done!!! Game is amazing!!! When OSI made Ultima into a doom like game, they lost me forever. I thought work like this would never be seen again! I actually passed this by when my mouseover quickly showed a brief glimpse of the game. It was enough to make me actually look at the video, to be flooded with past memories of RGs Ultima series. Movement, predefined graphics, boat battles, I quickly clicked the pay and download button in fear that this game would vanish and Id wake up to garbage games of these days. Final fantasy went the doom look as well and lost me as well. Whoever the author is of this game, dont ever change!!! This masterpiece is what so many have been striving to relive, and you did a beautiful job!

Richard Garriott approved! :D Right? Right? Right? :D

I can't even recall the last time I saw a game that looked this good.  Seriously, the NES / EGA Ultima graphics are phenominal.

I love the old CRPG style of screen and commands!



:O I want this game now, can't wait! ;)

Woo hoo first post. but in all seriousness looks like fun