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Please port to Linux for steam deck and Linux distros


Does this build get updated with periodic patches like the steam version, or will patches be added to download separately as they're released?

Fantastic! ❤️

Игра супер мне понравилась

No demo?

Came for the title, not disappointed. Good job!


Please port to linux


My partner and I just started playing this game but it is soooo cute! Never thought of a FPS (S for shooting your camera. haha ) can be so fun. Haven't progress to far in the game because my partner was so overwhelmed with so many cute puppies/dogs! She wanted to do everything with them.

gussi lebedi

I played this on xbox, This is amazing! Wish there would be multiplayer, but it's also fine without it. Great game!

Its like that pokemon photo minigame but for people who dont like pokemon! Cute and cool! Will be buying....EVENTUALLY!

looks amazing! r u gonna drop it on consoles?

its a good game, - played on xbox


bruh costs lot :(

ikr? so much money for such small content, and there is not even a demo to see where you throw 20$ at. While i have nothing against (sane) dog people, maybe, just maybe, price is a bit too high?


Soooooo, kind of like Pokémon Snap but with dogs?

Deleted 1 year ago

A Linux version would be awesome! Game looks like fun!

Its like neko atsume but with dogs and not atsume and ok it is different but still cool


Ich finde den Baumhund in diesen Park nicht

i got to play this at my local sci fi convention. great game!


Make a cat one and you've got my money! *fingers crossed*



Build for linux

Instabuy!  So relaxing and fun.  Just watching dogs swarm around and pose and have fun is a major perk.  Snapping a beauty shot makes my day.

Where on the hard drive do the photos get stored?  I want to browse them without having to launch Steam and navigate a bunch of menus.


macOs 12.0.1 M1, try to open the game and says the app can't be opened :(


Sorry that you are having trouble with this! We will check it out tomorrow when we're back in the office and see if there's an issue with the build.

sure np :)


did this and seems to work 

Double-clicking the app gives the error, "The application "" can't be opened." Open a terminal window, go to the folder containing, type "cd", then "chmod +x Pupperazzi".


Hmm. That sounds like a notarization issue! We'll see if we can get the macOS app notarized properly and if it fixes the issue. Thank you!

Have you been able to get the app notarized properly, or do you still plan to? I bought the game last night, tried to open it just now, and am still getting an error message saying the app can't be opened because the developer isn't "known". Any chance this issue may eventually be resolved?

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Hey there. I am trying to purchase this game with paypal, but I am having problems. It charges my cards (I tried two) but wont buy. Would you please take a look?


Hi! This should be sorted out now? Let us know if you get rejected again.

Thank you for supporting us!


It worked now! Thank you soooooo much!


I am honestly so freakin' pumped for this.


any other features besides photo-taking?


Yes, there are a lot of other ways to interact with the dogs! Pet them, feed them, play with a variety of different toys. There's even a violin you can use to play them a sad sad song with.

cool, thanks! excited for release (hope i have enough $$!)


its nice to see the game is only weeks away till release date i love indie games

When is the release date? Looking forward to play :)


Hi! We haven't announced the release date just yet, but we've been making a lot of exciting progress on the game :)


just in case you missed it, we've now announced it! January 20th! woof!


Damn, I thought there was a demo or download. I've already added this to my wishlist on steam... any chance I can get a code to make a video on it? I will still buy it when it releases. always trying to support indie games.

Sorry, yes, the game is still in development. We'll be open to sending out press keys closer to release, early next year :)

Sweet. Lookin forward to it.


Coming tomorrow !